SMX East Liveblog: Making Moments Matter

The sales funnel has exploded. However, the pieces of the funnel are still highly relevant. You need to be there in the consideration phase. You need to streamline the purchase process so it’s frictionless. You need to work to maintain retention and get fanatical loyalty.

Speaker: Jeffrey K. Rohrs, VP, Marketing Insights, ExactTarget (@jkrohrs)

A photographer used his last dollars to buy an underwater camera. One day he woke up and found thousands of dollars in his bank account. What happened in between these two events? He took photos of dogs underwater. He built a career and cottage industry from a moment that everyone overlooked. See underwater dogs by Seth Casteel.

SMX East Liveblog: Making Moments Matter

How to Fix The Secret Holes in Your Blog No One Talks About

ShhhhIt’s a really simple secret, one of those open secrets that experts will see coming way before I get to it.

It has to do with attrition rates.

See, we focus a lot of energy in getting more new people in the door, the digital door specifically, because it’s more cost effective.

We want more leads, more sales, and our blogs with their 1000 visitors a day are just not going to cut it.

But what if you’re missing something huge in that equation?

If just 1000 unique visitors to your blog each day were unique, and none of them were repeat visitors, you could have had at least 360,500 opportunities to turn a visitor into a lead and generate a sale every year.

Even with a 50% bounce rate, that’s 180,250.

How to Fix The Secret Holes in Your Blog No One Talks About


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